MCG Plumbing Division formerly EcoPure

Plumbing Repair and Renovation by MCG

Dealing with a surprise plumbing issue? MCG can provide a technician that will deliver a quality repair.

Planning a renovation or build? Plumbing is an important piece of the puzzle and MCG can handle the design, installation, and maintenance of your plumbing system.

MCG always provides plumbers and technicians that are fast, friendly and fully trained. We are respectful of your property and your satisfaction is our primary concern.

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Backflow Prevention

Water is normally maintained at a pressure level to enable water to flow from the tap. If there is an unusually high demand on the water system or a valve is closed, the pressure in the pipe may be reduced. During these types of events, the pressure may be reduced enough to reverse the intended flow of water!

A backflow prevention device prevents water from flowing backwards into potable water and therefore prevents contamination. MCG Plumbing Division is OWWA certified and registered with municipalities across southern Ontario for backflow prevention testing and we can install, complete surveys, and test your backflow prevention device.

Each municipality has their own backflow prevention program, by-laws, fees, forms, certification requirements, procedures, etc. Often, these change at least yearly and can be quite confusing to keep up with.

We've decided to make it simple. You pay one price, we take care of the rest. Contact us today to find out pricing.


Plumbing Renovation


Building a house? Renovating your kitchen or bathroom? Plumbing is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Trust MCG to provide a plumber with the right knowledge to design and install your plumbing system. Our technicians strive for high quality service that we know you will be satisfied with.


Whatever your plumbing requirements may be, MCG has the ability to handle the design, installation, and maintenance for your project.

We know every detail of the plumbing system is important to keep your customers happy and comfortable and therefore it is important to us. All within budget and deadline.


Maintenance and Repair

While ignoring a plumbing problem can prove to be disastrous in the long run, fixing an issue now can save you lots of money.

Contact MCG Plumbing Division for the immediate attention that you require. Each customer has unique needs and that is important to us!

Our focus is on providing the quality plumbing service that you demand.

Toilet Repair and Replacement

Clogged toilet? Maybe won’t stop running? Perhaps you want a low flush toilet? Call us today!

Sewer Drain Cleaning

Get the clog out of any drain with the reliable service of a MCG Plumber.

Leaky Faucets

Faucets contain moving parts and seals that break and wear over time. Whether it’s a kitchen sink, laundry room or your outdoor hose bibb, MCG can provide the assistance you need.

Sink Repair

Over time sink drains can clog with various debris. We can fix a clog, repair your sink, or replace it anywhere in your house or business.

Dishwasher Installation

We can install brands of all types that will provide you with years of reliable service.

Burst Pipe

Probably no bigger emergency than a pipe that has burst due to freezing. Call us for expedited service.