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Spray Foam Insulation by MCG

Insulating a home or commercial property is a protection and a worthy investment. While regulating indoor temperatures therefore reducing heating and cooling bills, high quality insulation will also reduce unwanted outside noise and improve your indoor air quality.

Add value to your home with insulation installed by MCG Spray System Division. Contact us today for an overview of your options.

Spray Foam

Spray Foam increases the efficiency in heating and cooling of your home and can be utilized in basements, ceilings, attics, crawl spaces to mention a few.

Air leakage will be significantly reduced while your savings and comfort will increase. Some spray foam options:

Lapolla Foam-Lok

This is an open-cell thermal foam insulation that is spray applied. It can be used in wall cavities, floor assemblies, ceiling assemblies, and in attic applications.

Foam-Lok is energy efficient, improves occupant comfort, and makes for a cleaner indoor environment.

Polar Foam

Polar Foam is environmentally friendly and is self-adhered to the substrate which makes your building stronger. There are no joints, no glue, no mechanical fasteners and most importantly no air space between insulation and substrate.

Other Insulation Options

Cellulose (Blown-in)

Mainly used in walls and attics, cellulose makes the wall tighter and provides ability to deal with moisture. Made of recycled content and treated with fire retardant product, it is the greenest insulation solution on the market. Cellulose is a an excellent thermal and acoustical insulator that also delivers great energy savings.


MCG can provide a spray-applied insulation for fire rating structural steel that will delay or prevent transmission of heat. It is clean and neat in appearance, can be painted to improve aesthetic, and exposure to harsh weather is not an issue.